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Big data: could mobile data contribute to the design of better public policies?

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought with it “an enormous volume of available data generated at high speed”, explains the global director of data research at Vodafone and chief data scientist at Data-Pop Alliance, Nuria Oliver, in an interview with Equal Times. It is big data, “unstructured data – not numbers stored in a database – such as images, texts, voice or video that require very different storage and processing techniques to those used 20 years ago”, clarifies Oliver. “Part of this big data is generated by sensors such as particle accelerators or astronomical telescopes, but the part that we generateArticle source:...

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Nintendo Share Value Continues Upward Curve as Analyst Talks Up Company’s Mobile Strategy

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© Reuters Those who like to keep an eye on Nintendo’s share value, as a barometer of the company’s health and investor confidence, will have noted that it’s not only at its highest point in a number of years but continues to climb. Plenty attribute this to strong early numbers and positive momentum / publicity for the Nintendo Switch, but some think that mobile is also still key to Nintendo’s future.  Quoted over on, Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal is a believerArticle source:...

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El Paso County modernizing its digital presence

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The county moved forward with the improvements last week, when commissioners approved a $135,000 contract with local software development company Ideavise, Inc., which will help build the new site and migrate data from the old one. The overhaul, which county information technology officials estimate will be complete in six to nine months, will also switch the site to a platform that can be more easily viewed from mobile devices and outfit its web pages with a modern design. “Our current site is not mobile friendly,” said the county’s IT Director Jeff Eckhart. “I think that’s where you’ll see the greatest change. ThatArticle source:...

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What’s Your Website Development Strategy? Think Mainly Mobile

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Shutterstock “Well, duh.” That’s what you may be thinking reading this headline. But you’d be surprised how many companies and organizations don’t stick to this approach when designing their websites. In any industry, communicators and marketers should cater their messages to their audience. Makes sense, right? Put your message in a spot where you will get the most eyes on it. In my industry, higher education, this is probably the most pivotal point in an institution’s success in marketing and communicating. Most institutions – if they’re doing it right – are marketing to prospective students, the people who will attendArticle source:...

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YouTube’s mobile app will adjust to display videos of any size

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The YouTube mobile app will soon change the way it presents your videos, dynamically fitting them to the screen you’re on no matter what format they were shot in: mobile phone, DSLR, square, 4:3 or 16:9 videos will now fit better on your mobile devices. The update should start to roll out in the coming weeks. The desktop version of YouTube has a cleaner design that puts video front and center and gives you a new Dark Theme for a more cinematic look. The team is still working on the new design, but you can check out theArticle source:...

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