Posts made in May, 2017

General Pants reveal mobile strategy

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Josh McDonnell speaks with General Pants Co. general manager eCommerce Paula Mitchell about how the brand managed to make the top 10 list for mobile readiness in Australia and how mobile played a valuable role. Can you talk us through the digital strategy in place that has contributed to General Pants appearing in the top 10 list for digital readiness? I think our strategy overall is tightly aligned to the requirements of our millennial audience. They are very mobile and have such high expectations for dynamic and intuitive mobile customer experience. So we didn’t really have any other choice than to listenArticle source:...

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​Computex 2017: ARM has designs on more than mobile

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ARM owns the mobile market. Last year the semiconductor IP firm’s processor designs were used in some 16 billion chips, including those at the heart of nearly ever smartphone. Its Mali graphics, which hasn’t been around as long, crossed the one-billion mark in 2016, giving it around half of the phone market. But the industry is changing. Smartphones are pushing in new directions such as VR and console-quality gaming. The rapid adoption of machine learning is spurring designs capable of running these models at the edgeArticle source:...

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Metro 2033 Wars, revisiting the post-apocalyptic Windows 10 Mobile strategy game

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Metro 2033 Wars is a post-apocalyptic strategy game for Windows 10 where you lead a rag-tag group of survivors through the metro systems to defeat rival factions, form alliances and build a community. The Windows 10 Mobile game is based on the Dmitry Glukhovsky novel Metro 2033 in which global powers have unleashed their nuclear weapons, forcing society underground to survive. The turn-based strategy game has you gathering resources to survive, building communities, recruiting team members and battling mutant animals throughout an underground metro station. The game is an entertaining blend of a card-based role-playing and a turn-based combat game.Article source:...

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ARM’s new processors are designed to power the machine-learning machines

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On the eve of Computex, Taiwan’s big showpiece event where PC makers roll out the latest and best implementations of Intel CPUs, mobile rival ARM is announcing its own big news with the unveiling of a new generation of ARM CPUs and GPUs. Official today, the ARM Cortex-A75 is the new flagship-tier mobile processor design, with a claimed 22 percent improvement in performance over the incumbent A73. It’s joined by the new Cortex-A55, which has the highest power efficiency of any mid-range CPU ARM’s ever designed, and the Mali-G72 graphics processor, which also comes with aArticle source:...

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