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Razer buys Nextbit, "unique mobile design and experiences" coming in the future

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Nextbit, the young company behind the interesting Robin smartphone, today revealed that it’s joining Razer, famous for its gaming-oriented products (including PCs and accessories). Razer says that the acquisition was closed earlier this month, though financial details haven’t been revealed. As part of Razer, Nextbit will operate as an independent unit focusing “on unique mobile design and experiences.” The acquisition makes sense because, per Nextbit, the folks at Razer are “rebels like us” and “share our need to push boundaries.” Those concerned about the future ofArticle source:...

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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes is a complex strategy game with a free-to-play twist

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Nintendo’s second high-profile mobile game was announced just two weeks ago, but Fire Emblem Heroes is already slated to arrive in a just a few days. The game, a free-to-play take on the popular turn-based strategy series, arrives this Thursday for iOS and Android. It carries with it high expectations and understandable trepidation. While Super Mario Run was a premium mobile game with a hefty price tag and Nintendo’s most recognizable mascot, Heroes is drawn from one of the company’s lesser known franchises. Its complex strategy combat and impenetrable fantasy lore may not translate to aArticle source:...

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Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Sneak peek of new WhartonBrooks device, revenue drops by 81% and more

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Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started. WhartonBrooks gives us a sneak peek of its new device WhartonBrooks is giving us a new Windows 10 Mobile device in the near future, and we’ve finally gotten a decent sneak peek at what it’s going to look like. The images that were tweeted out by WhartonBrooks showed the phone being mostly covered up by bubble wrap, but the creative viewer can get a good idea of whatArticle source:...

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Designing app to secure our modern mobile kingdoms

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Since the dawn of civilisation people have always thought they are more secure than they actually are. The ancient city of Babylon once felt so secure behind its massive walls that the king feasted while the Persian army laid siege into the city. The Persians entered within a day, wading across the river that passed beneath the city’s walls. No one anticipated this and of course the king paid for his mistake of not securing the whole city with his life. Our modern digital kingdoms are no different. We often feel safe in our belief that one approach of security willArticle source:...

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