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Mobile design and the art of doing one thing well

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It’s best to do one thing really, really well – is one of Google’s “10 things” philosophy, written when the company was in its infancy. This is a great mantra for mobile projects to follow. Where the young Google focused on excellence in web search, so mobile sites and apps must focus on meeting an identified user need in the most effective (usability) and rewarding (user experience) fashion. This column will consider two approaches that help the business and the project team establish and implement a focused,Article source:...

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Microsoft slashes 1850 jobs as it guts smartphone unit

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Struggling to restart its mobile strategy after multiple misfires, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced a further step in dismantling the mobile-phone operations it acquired from Nokia. The software giant will lay off 1,850 workers, taking an impairment and restructuring charge of approximately $950M in the current quarter. Last summer, Microsoft wrote down $7.6B related to its mobile-phone business and fired 7,800 workers in those operations. Article source:...

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eBay refreshing mobile apps with updated design + speed improvements

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eBay has begun rolling out major UI and overall app improvements to its mobile applications today. Most notable will be both iOS and Android apps seeing a redesign of the main navigation menu. Previous versions of both mobile apps utilized a custom navigation menu: a mix between a top navigation bar and hamburger menu. The app update rolling out from today utilizes standard UI navigation elements for both iOS and Android. Android will be seeing the update released today, and the iOS update will be available in the coming...

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The real problem with Google’s mobile messaging strategy

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If you’re reading this column, odds are, you don’t use your smartphone like most people. Most people have one app for text messaging — the one that came set up on their phone by default. Sure, they might have another platform-specific messaging program, like Facebook Messenger. But they probably aren’t looking to add more complexity into that lineup. And when it comes to texting, they probably don’t even think about what app they use; they just tap the icon for “the texting app.” Google doesn’t seem to be aware of this. Or perhaps more accurately, Google doesn’t seem to care — andArticle source:...

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Mobile experience design is about more than screen size

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The difference in screen size is the obvious difference between the desktop interface and the smartphone interface. The web industry’s main response to the challenge of multiple and varied screens sizes, responsive design, has contributed handsomely to greatly improved single-code interfaces that deliver consistent experiences across devices. A device exists for every 10 pixels of screen width, from the largest desktop to the smallest smartphone, and responsive code provides designers with a means of rendering interfaces fluidly in this highly non-standard environment. However, we miss the point if we feel that responsive design represents a panacea for mobile experience design, and that somehowArticle source:...

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