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Microsoft’s mobile OS isn’t Windows — it’s Cortana

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We’ll have bots to thank for that, and Microsoft wants developers to embrace them, the same way hordes of developers embraced iOS apps back in 2008. “We want every developer to build experts for Cortana,” Nadella said onstage Wednesday. “We want all developers to build bots.” Because of the cross-platform nature of both Cortana and the many communication apps Nadella cited yesterday, Microsoft’s bot army will work on whatever device you want to use. The company debuted a host of tools yesterday to make that happen, including the Microsoft Bot Framework, which will let developers build bots and deploy themArticle source:...

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What Microsoft’s multi-platform strategy means

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Microsoft’s February acquisition of Xamarin will open the floodgates to a deluge of new corporate mobile applications for iOS, Android and even Windows 10 Mobile in the coming months. Xamarin makes it fairly straightforward for Windows developers to take their existing C# code and after some modifications compile it into native Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile apps with native interfaces. “This is not for people who write iOS or Android apps, but if you are a corporate Windows developer and you have held back on mobile applications, now you have the possibility of building your applications for third party mobile platforms,”Article source:...

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2017 iPhone Could Mark Major Design Departure

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Apple may be planning its first serious departure from its usual iPhone design with a new device planned for 2017, according to a note obtained by AppleInsider from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The device’s launch is far off, but Kuo is worth heeding, given his strong track record in previous predictions using what appears to be inside information; the most recent example being Apple’s new iPhone SE. Kuo says that the 2017 iPhone device will feature a curved display that could cover both its frontArticle source:...

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What Your Mobile Content Strategy Should Steal from Web Design

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The scales of online consumption have tipped from desktop to mobile, and while that switch may have seemed subtle, the implications can’t be understated. As consumers crossed that threshold, marketers and Web developers faced a ground-shaking new frontier: If mobile gets most of the traffic, shouldn’t mobile be the top priority? Responsive design and other innovations have allowed brands to serve both sides of this divide. But most brands’ mobile content strategy hasn’t yet undergone the transformation needed to optimally serve consumers. Shortening content is a lazy solution that doesn’t respond to the needs of mobile consumers, nor does itArticle source:...

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Sou Fujimoto to design immersive "Forest of Light" for Salone del Mobile 2016

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In another collaboration with top-notch designers, fashion label COS has teamed up with Sou Fujimoto to create a nature-inspired installation for Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2016 next month. For COS’ fifth year of taking part in the design fair, Fujimoto is creating a “Forest of Light” that will exhibit the brand’s collection in what could be a mesmerizing combination of light and sound. “Forest of Light” draws inspiration from the experience of walking through a forest at twilight, which Fujimoto relates to his growing up in Hokkaido, where he was surrounded by nature. Set insideArticle source:...

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