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Luma mobile phone night light

By on Nov 30, 2015 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Product Description This tiny lampshade will turn any smartphone into a fun and stylish night light.  Just clip it onto your phone, launch your flashlight, and let there be light!  Exclusively available on the designboom shop!   Article source:...

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Start-ups refocus on mobile web as app-only strategy loses fizz

By on Nov 30, 2015 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

New Delhi/Bengaluru: Apps, as e-commerce companies told anyone who cared to listen, were the future. Many put their money where their mouths were, altogether withdrawing from the mobile web. Now, as apps lose their novelty, and as smartphone users uninstall apps to clear up memory (uninstall rates are as high as 90% in some cases), these companies are revisiting their mobile web strategies. The winner? Google, which retains its dominance of online ad spending. Earlier this month, Flipkart restarted its mobile website. Myntra also plans to relaunch its mobile website, said two people familiar with the matter. Myntra’s move has beenArticle source:...

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Can your mobile strategy be effective without the cloud?

By on Nov 29, 2015 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Two thirds of Brits already own a smartphone and over half of households now have a tablet. This pace will continue to accelerate both in our private lives and in the workplace. With this in mind, businesses need to start adjusting their use of mobile technology in order to keep their workforce informed, connected and productive at all times. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you use a smartphone and Wi-Fi on the go, you’re making the most of your mobile options. You only begin to gain an edge when you employ tools that adapt to your situationArticle source:...

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New mobile-friendly design for Chesco website

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WEST CHESTER Recognizing that the platforms on which residents access the Internet for a variety of services, Chester County officials recently announced a new “responsive design” for the government website, According to a presentation given by county Communications Coordinator Rebecca Brain, assisted by county Digital Communications CoordinatorArticle source:...

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5 Quick Ecommerce Design Changes To Boost Your Cyber Monday Sales

By on Nov 27, 2015 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

One of the biggest weekends for online retailers and eCommerce companies in the U.S, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away. Last year, Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales reached unprecedented scales with more than $1.5 billion in a single day. This year, however, Cyber Monday, in particular, promises to be even bigger and better. But did you create your eCommerce website design with buyer conversions in mind? Related Article: Don’t Let It Happen to You: 5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your E-commerce Site The design structure of your eCommerce site has a huge impact on the conversionArticle source:...

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