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DroidGamers Daily Deal: Mobile app design with Sketch 3 for 91% off

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DroidGamers Daily Deal: Mobile app design with Sketch 3 for 91% off Details Published on Thursday, 29 October 2015 14:43 Written by AndrewH Yesterday’s DroidGamers Daily Deal was all about learning to develop for Android through examples, having built 10 full functioning real world applications by the time you’re done the entire course. When you strike out on your own after that, you’ll have a better idea on how to code applications for Android. While coding is an important aspect to building an application (or game for that matter), design is also equally as important. YouArticle source:...

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Nintendo’s mobile strategy begins with Mii

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Nintendo’s first mobile app was revealed Wednesday to be Miitomo, and it isn’t so much a game as it is a social network designed to encourage people to come out of their shells and meet others in a safe, very Nintendo-like way. It’s also not coming out this year as originally planned, but is now targeted for a March 2016 release. Revealed in a Tokyo investor meeting, Miitomo will beArticle source:...

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Microsoft updates Outlook mobile app with Sunrise, UI design elements

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The Outlook team announced this week a redesign for its mobile application, which includes integrating the Sunrise calendar app within the email client. With the redesign comes a wider focus for Outlook than just email. The blog post from Javier Soltero, Microsoft corporate VP of Outlook, announcing the changes said the app “puts your email, calendar, people and files front and center.” To that end, Soltero said the Sunrise team would join the Outlook team and prioritize building new functions for that app. “All of this means Outlook will eventually replace the current Sunrise app,” Soltero said. “We will leave Sunrise in marketArticle source:...

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Mobile Strategy For The Holidays: Two Industry Insiders Answer 5 Critical CMO …

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Mobile advertising is poised to make or break 2015 goals for millions of companies over the next six to seven weeks. As we head into the holiday season, I posed a few critical questions to two of the brightest minds I know in mobile: Hathway CSMO Kevin Rice and 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg. (Disclosure: Mobile agency Hathway is a 3Q Digital partner, and 3Q Digital is my employer.) If you’re looking for any edge you can get in your holiday mobile campaigns, these guys have...

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Mobile Vs. Desktop: Mobile Won, But You Might Still Be Losing

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I think we are well beyond the point where we are making websites “mobile-friendly” or “mobile-ready.” Doing so still places the focus on the desktop, with mobile design and optimization just being an add-on. If that’s still they way you’re looking at it, you have already fallen behind. For the past couple of years, developers and marketers have been talking about building websites to be mobile-ready. You hear people discuss things such as mobile websites versus responsive design and which is the right way to go. Those conversations all had their merit inArticle source:...

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